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My Work Experience

I have over 20 years of real-world experience in various senior roles, including in brand management (PepsiCo brands Rice-a-Roni and Life Cereal), strategy consulting (Arbor Strategy Group) and market research (GfK). 

The common theme throughout my career has been innovation, and I am now using that experience to help women innovate their lives and careers.

In addition to corporate life, I've helped my husband run one of the country's largest pet businesses (Tucker Pup's Pet Resort) and started my own consulting business after leaving corporate. 

I've been interviewed on the news, on public television and by LinkedIn to share my insights on finding greater career success and fulfillment.  Click below to learn more.


My Personal Journey: Pit Bull or Labrador

I was in what I thought was my dream job doing Brand Management at a big Fortune 500 company in downtown Chicago. Then the culture began to shift to a competitive and aggressive workplace environment, one in which I was suddenly struggling after years of success.  One day, a senior executive told me that in order to succeed going forward, I would need to become more of a pit bull, not the Labrador he viewed me as.‍


I thought to myself…”I like being a Labrador! Is there something wrong with that? I will never be a pit bull (no offense to pit bulls!). That is not who I am. How will I ever continue to survive here?

I tried my best to be the pit bull. I was killing myself with wasted energy and my confidence was battered. But I was not taking any action to look beyond my current reality. I was afraid to break away from my what I knew, and what I thought was my “dream job.” So I kept trying.

And while I was agonizing over my work situation, I was not able to be the joyful mother to my toddler that I wanted to be. I was not able to be a caring partner to my husband. I lost my spark for life.

And after all of that sacrifice and suffering, I was ultimately let go – told “there is no interest in you anymore”. I was stunned and humiliated. And I felt like a victim, blaming everyone else and shaming myself for failing.‍

But now I can see what a gift it was. It forced me into action!‍

I would have stayed and kept trying to be something I’m not, feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and frankly…miserable. Instead, I went on to new adventures that broadened my skills until I was able to align my true gifts and talents, my authentic self, to my work.

I eventually started my own research and consulting firm serving clients and understanding consumers. This allows me to leverage my gifts of connection, listening and empathy to serve corporate clients.

And then I decided to also become a Professional Coach. I want to help others define what success really means to them and how they can leverage their natural skills and passions to create a life and career they love and that is authentic to their true self! A whole new world has opened up for me and my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude!

Coaching fills me up, sparks me.‍

I want to spark other people, too.

I want to spark leaders and companies.

I want to spark you.‍

P.S. I love being a Labrador so much that I even have one of my own! His name is Stanley. Labradors are friendly, loving, smart and full of spark! I’m good with that.

Listen to My Story

My story had a major impact on why I decided to help women with their careers. Listen to me share the story here.


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